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The annual fee this session is £40.


The new uniform for boys starting the Company Section consists of a blue shirt, tie, black belt, hat, school trousers, black shoes, dark socks.


Inspection takes place at the beginning of each evening, with a Captain's Inspection usually the first Friday of the month, all going towards trophies at the Display. Boys are encouraged to keep their uniforms clean, especially shoes and hats.


Boys should always arrive at the hall between 7.15pm and 7.25pm in order to be ready to line up at 7.30pm.


Attendance is taken at the start of the evening. 


All boys are asked to attend our three parades this session.


Boys who have already started their badgework,can check their own chart with the Captain any Friday night. Boys are encouraged to try a variety of classes. This eventually leads to their President's Badge.


Seniors will be helping out at classes this year as well as carrying out their Company Service work in either Anchor, Junior or Company Sections each week towards their Queen's Badge.


A sheet for names is always put on the notice board for competitions, please encourage your son to take part as this extends his knowledge in Boys' Brigade as well as meeting boys from other towns and schools.


Christmas Card Delivery Service

This huge event is undertaken by all Officers and Company Boys. Parents, Grandparents of all boys from all three sections can assist in delivering cards. Approx 35,000 were delivered last year.


Parents' and Friends' Committee

1st Largs P&F Committee are a group of parents who help with fundraising for our Company. Their main fundraiser is the Christmas Fete at the beginning of December. New members are very welcome to join. About five meetings are held throughout the year.


Please come along and support us. All money raised is used for the benefit of the boys.


  The Battalion consists of 16 Companies from Millport, Rothesay, Largs, West Kilbride, Ardrossan, Saltcoats, Stevenston, Kilbirnie, Dalry, Kilwinning, Dreghorn and five companies from Irvine.


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