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Janie McKenzie

Tel: 01475 686009


The Thursday Club at St John's meets on alternate Thursday evenings at 7.30pm from the beginning of October until March. We have a small joining fee and an offering is taken at each meeting. The gathering commences with a short time of devotion after which the speaker for the evening is invited to take over.


We enjoy speakers from varying walks of life who have different stories to tell, and on a few occasions, we have a musical programme. We also hear from charitable organisations, many of whom we support annually by our giving.


As we do not usually have special events to raise funds, we do, during our session, have one evening for Direct Giving (which is an additional offering) and another evening when we have a Bring & Buy stall and these help to augment our funds and help other various needy causes.


Each evening ends up with the ever welcome cuppa' followed by a closing prayer.


We are a group of 50 - 60 ladies and we are always delighted to welcome newcomers to our group and would love to meet anyone interested.

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